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Over the years, a variety of non-native species (plants, animals, and other organisms) have been introduced to Connecticut. Some non-native species exhibit an aggressive growth habit and can out-compete and displace native species. Forest City Landscaping has an expert arborist and trained staff to assist in controlling invasive species of your property.

What You Can Do About Invasive Species

Forest City Landscaping can evaluate your property to determine what types of invasive species you might be dealing with, and what the potential hazards may be if continued growth is allowed. The State of Connecticut has determined certain invasive species to the area, and we are well-versed in the nature of all of them.

A combination of prevention and control methods is the most effective way to deal with the issue. Contact Forest City Landscaping to have a review of your property, or to have an expert assist in making a plan to control invasive species on your property.

Some Invasive Species Control services include:

  • Identification of Species
  • Removal
  • Prevention Methods
  • Risk-Assessment (if any)
  • Management