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Hydroseeding is a seeding process sprayed onto the ground that contains a mix of seed, hydro seeding mulch and fertilizer. It is a faster more cost-effective solution, as opposed to sod, and with the quality materials that we use at Forest City Landscaping, provides the best coverage over any hand-seeding method.

Save Time and Money

Hydroseeding typically costs 50-80% less than the price of sod. With labor charges, the bottom-line while choosing sodding can be quite high. A lawn could be fully seeded for less cost than sod and can be seeded in a fraction of the time of hand-seeding.

Get A Quality Lawn

As opposed to hand seeding or sodding applications hydroseeding creates a much healthier and greener lawn. Hydroseeding even includes fewer weed seeds, no layering of soils and offers more opportunity to plant trees and shrubs.

Health Safety

The Hydroseeding method is completely non-toxic and is a safe method of growing grass. It is completely harmless to children, pets, and your land.

Hydroseeding Benefits

  • No Weed Seeds in the Hydroseed mix
  • Less expensive than sodding (50-80% less than the price of sod)
  • Hills and inaccessible areas can be accessible by Hyrdoseeding
  • Requires only one step to complete
  • Quicker growth time of your lawn
  • Less watering than sod

Where Can Hydroseeding Be Applied?

Because of the composition of the Hydroseeding mix, it is a fast, effective solution to nearly any area of a lawn. Beyond simply filling in patches in an area, Hydroseeding is useful for many other types of lands, including:

  • Housing Developments
  • Baseball Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Golf Courses
  • Parks
  • Wetlands
  • Your Home!